Dangerous African Lake transforms wild birds Into Salt Statues

The grim reaper is a humanoid representation of demise that’s familiar to everyone. Photographer Nick Brandt, but has captured a mesmerizing number of pictures at Lake Natron in Africa showing united states just what the grim reaper‘s pet equivalents might look like.

Lake Natron is a sodium pond in Tanzania. It it an extraordinarily harsh environment, where in fact the severely salty liquid may reach temperatures of 60 C (140 F) and an alkalinity very nearly as high as that of ammonia. The lake is totally uninhabitable to all or any but a few organisms – salt-loving bacteria, alkali-loving seafood that real time near the hot springs that supply the lake, and flamingoes, which could nest safe from predators on small islands of sodium. Interestingly sufficient, the salt-loving algae the flamingoes eat at lakes like these are included in the reason they become red, alongside the shrimp they also dine on.

The process in which these unlucky birds have died is confusing, but the author claims that an issue on it is the lake’s severe reflectivity, which may cause birds to crash to the water, perish, and be calcified husks. Brandt discovered the birds while attempting to capture the brilliance of Africa’s vanishing wildlife, which was a significant element of their life’s work. The wild birds had been left as-is, except that the author posed all of them to create for much better pictures.

supply: Nick Brandt (via newscientist)

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